Email Problems With El Capitan

For my birthday my husband bought me a MacBook Pro, with El Capitan OS. Oh my! But migrating my files from my MacBook Pro with Mavericks to my new computer created a bear of a problem with email using Apple Mail.

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Problems Using HTML Code In eBay Listings

Recently I discovered a problem using my own HTML coded template for my eBay listings. When I placed my own HTML template codes into my eBay listings, and then went to the view the actual eBay listings, the visual appearance was way off, my eBay listing text was loaded with things like extra paragraph lines and unusual indenting.

People can choose to use an eBay template for their listings or people can use their own HTML template. In the past, using my own HTML coded template was a simple matter, I just copy and pasted the HTML code into the HTML option text box of an eBay listing, and boom, it was there and right. Now, something has changed and adding HTML code can produce extra paragraph lines, and odd things like erratically indented lines.

Here is my solution to the HTML verses eBay problem.

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