PremiumPress Directory WordPress Theme – How to Setup.

In this article I want to share with you my learning process for installing, setting up and using PremiumPress Directory Theme. You may think this is a long article, but setting up a new theme with special features, such as PremiumPress has, is a process that takes a bit of time and understanding.

Further down the page, below my notes, is my experience with installing and setting up PremiumPress Directory Theme. I will openly admit that I made some huge errors initially, so hopefully my experience with help you avoid similar mistakes.

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WP Pro Advertising System Plugin – My Own Tutorial

There are many great plugins to manage advertising, I decided to try WP Pro Advertising System because I wanted the ability to place ads on multiple websites, including WordPress sites and sites that I had created with Dreamweaver. WP Pro Advertising System has Post Tags (short code), Template Tags, and iFrame Tags. For simple rotation ads there are other options and for banner ad management there are other options, but this plugin seems to do it all (with optional add-on plugins).

That said, I am just learning to use this WP Pro Advertising System plugin and I have not found the documentation to be totally helpful. There is a Video Tutorial available, and it covers the basics, but it leans more towards using the plugin with the optional selling-banner ads plugin, and to begin with I only want to place and manage affiliate ad code. So I am making notes as I go along, to help myself and to hopefully help others with using WP Pro Advertising System.

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How to Move Your Website With All-in-one WP Migration – Plugin For WordPress

How to Migrate Your Website With All-in-one WP Migration – Plugin For WordPress

To move a WordPress website, there are two ways, the macho manual way or the easier way, use a plugin. LOL

There are several reasons to need to migrate a WordPress website. You may need to move a website from one hosting service to another, or if you are working on your own computer, you might have the need to move a website up to a hosting service, and if you are working on a site as a sub-domain during development you would need to move the site to its new home when it is finished.

Using a plugin such as All-in-one WP Migration you can easily move a website, well maybe with a few hitches if you are not a pro. LOL Migrating your website is not hard, but it is time consuming, and there is plenty of room for minor errors that can cause you hours of frustration. Continue reading

Best WordPress Plugins & Themes to Create a Directory or Membership List Website

Directory & Membership List Plugins & Themes for WordPress

When talking about WordPress plugins, there are two types of memberships, membership directory lists or membership areas.

This article is about creating membership lists or directory websites such as directories of groups of businesses like local restaurants or national directory of hotels, or yellow pages style business listings, and club roosters and organizational membership lists.

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