My Favorite Holiday & Special Occasion Movies

My Favorite Holiday, Seasonal, and Special Occasion Movies

My holiday and special occasions movie list goes beyond Federal Holidays to include the days each year that I consider special movie days. Due to religion and personal preference, your special movie dates list may be different than mine, but I hope you will find some of my movie picks interesting. At the bottom are links to lists of special dates. Continue reading

Creating a Web Site – How to Decide Between: Dreamweaver, WordPress & Joomla

I have spent more hours than I wish to admit researching and comparing the best ways to create a website. I have narrowed it down to three options (programs) depending on what kind of site that I want to create: Dreamweaver – WordPress – Joomla.

Programs, such as WordPress and Joomla, that are used to create web sites that can store and retrieve data, are called CMS programs (Content Management System). Dreamweaver is normally used to create good HTML static websites, although with programing knowledge it can do other things. Continue reading

Awesome-Good 10 Best Halloween Movies!

My Favorite Halloween MoviesMy 10 Favorite Halloween Movies!

These are my favorite Halloween movies, which I feel are more than just slasher movies. I am not a slasher films fan, I like a good story. A few of my Halloween movie picks are little heavy on the gore, but they are Halloween movies, what can I say. Further down the page are some additional picks.

Happy Halloween!

Best Halloween Movies
My Favs For Just Good Halloween Fair.

It is hard to decide on my favorite Halloween movies in order, it kind of changes each year, but here are my top picks. Continue reading

How to Upload eBooks to Your Kindle Cloud Library

How to Upload eBooks to Your Kindle Cloud Library From Your Computer is easy as pie; however finding the information for how to do it is about as easy as digging to China. Kindle has a simple app that uploads ebooks to your Cloud Library where all of your devices can access the ebooks, or you can decide to only upload ebooks to select devices, your choice. The answer is Amazon – Send to Kindle App. Continue reading

Problems Using HTML Code In eBay Listings

Recently I discovered a problem using my own HTML coded template for my eBay listings. When I placed my own HTML template codes into my eBay listings, and then went to the view the actual eBay listings, the visual appearance was way off, my eBay listing text was loaded with things like extra paragraph lines and unusual indenting.

People can choose to use an eBay template for their listings or people can use their own HTML template. In the past, using my own HTML coded template was a simple matter, I just copy and pasted the HTML code into the HTML option text box of an eBay listing, and boom, it was there and right. Now, something has changed and adding HTML code can produce extra paragraph lines, and odd things like erratically indented lines.

Here is my solution to the HTML verses eBay problem.

Continue reading

Create an Alumni Website for Your High School or College

I recently had an interest in seeing what software or programs were available for creating a school alumni website. Ah, a new bone to chew, I go off on tangents of learning when someone tosses me something new to investigate. I discovered that there are many directory/list/membership type programs available, but I found there are also some programs that are more specifically written for alumni organizations. These are my findings, and I have added a list of alumni/membership programs below. Continue reading

Hard Money & No Income Verification Loans – Mortgage & Business Loans

This is an information page with a number of links below for finding Hard Money and No Income Verification Mortgage and Business Loans.

The are many reasons for people to seek Hard Money Loans, ranging from credit problems to needing money faster than a bank can approve a loan. Investors often seek Hard Money Loans. Hard Money Loans are often popular for short term real estate investing and many HML have a limit, like a maximum 10 year repayment limit, but some of these loans can also be for businesses or individuals who want a regular, long-term home mortgage loan. Continue reading

Joomla – The Real Basics.

Joomla is a web design program, but it was created to allow people with little or no HTML knowledge to have an expansive, sophisticated website.

There are plenty of how-to articles for leaning Joomla, further down are some links to Joomla tutorials that are very helpful. This article is about some of the basics of Joomla that are can be a bit harder to discover. Continue reading

Your Life’s Journey – How to Easily Journal Your Life. Very Simple Ideas!

This is a brief post, but I feel it is an important post. I want to offer you few quick and easy way for you to keep track of your life’s adventures. A simple calendar, a journal, and a memories jar. Photos are pretty obvious, but those too.

We all have yearly calendars, free from businesses or pretty ones we buy, so make good use of them.

Your Life – Year by Year – In Calendars
As your life passes and time speeds by, many events, and people, and adventures will cross your path. As the years pass, memories begin to fade and you may lose track of dates and events. When did we get our first dog as a married couple? When did you buy me those first diamond earrings? What year did we take that first vacation to Colorado? In later years, the list will be long of forgotten memories. Continue reading

WordPress – My Favorite Sources For Learning WP


WordPress is a wonderful and free tool for creating blogs and websites. People who use WordPress were not born with the knowledge of how to install and use WordPress, it had to be learned. You don’t see to many babies popping out with WP tattooed on their foreheads.

It does not take a formal education to learn WordPress, I’m no genius LOL, it just takes some learning. The easy way to learn WordPress is by viewing YouTube videos, and there are many videos available, I’ve noted a few below. Take a look. Continue reading