Best Ecommerce Shopping Carts

You have merchandise you want to sell in your own online store. Sounds easy enough, but looking for an ecommerce shopping cart software program is confusing to say the least.

Opinions in discussion forums and the reviews of ecommerce software programs are as mixed as the programs available. Even if you hire someone to design and set up an online store for you, you are still the one that is going to have to be using the program to manage your online store. So which shopping cart software is best for you?

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Domain Name With Free Email Or Simple Web Site Hosting

Looking for a Domain Name with some free features such as free email or a simple web page feature?

Below is a list of some Domain Name Registrars with a one or more free basic services.

I did this research, because I ran into a situation where I wanted a domain name with just a couple of services, so I looked at over one-hundred domain and hosting services and the list below is all that I found. Now yes, I could get a domain name and add email or hosting for a price, but my needs were so small it did not seem logical to pay a fee for a couple of simple extras. Then, of course, I could get a free email at say Gmail or Yahoo, but I wanted a domain name with matching email and a simple web page. Continue reading

Creating a Web Site – How to Decide Between: Dreamweaver, WordPress & Joomla

I have spent more hours than I wish to admit researching and comparing the best ways to create a website. I have narrowed it down to three options (programs) depending on what kind of site that I want to create: Dreamweaver – WordPress – Joomla.

Programs, such as WordPress and Joomla, that are used to create web sites that can store and retrieve data, are called CMS programs (Content Management System). Dreamweaver is normally used to create good HTML static websites, although with programing knowledge it can do other things. Continue reading

Create an Alumni Website for Your High School or College

I recently had an interest in seeing what software or programs were available for creating a school alumni website. Ah, a new bone to chew, I go off on tangents of learning when someone tosses me something new to investigate. I discovered that there are many directory/list/membership type programs available, but I found there are also some programs that are more specifically written for alumni organizations. These are my findings, and I have added a list of alumni/membership programs below. Continue reading

Joomla – The Real Basics.

Joomla is a web design program, but it was created to allow people with little or no HTML knowledge to have an expansive, sophisticated website.

There are plenty of how-to articles for leaning Joomla, further down are some links to Joomla tutorials that are very helpful. This article is about some of the basics of Joomla that are can be a bit harder to discover. Continue reading