My Favorite Holiday & Special Occasion Movies

My Favorite Holiday, Seasonal, and Special Occasion Movies

My holiday and special occasions movie list goes beyond Federal Holidays to include the days each year that I consider special movie days. Due to religion and personal preference, your special movie dates list may be different than mine, but I hope you will find some of my movie picks interesting. At the bottom are links to lists of special dates. Continue reading

Awesome-Good 10 Best Halloween Movies!

My Favorite Halloween MoviesMy 10 Favorite Halloween Movies!

These are my favorite Halloween movies, which I feel are more than just slasher movies. I am not a slasher films fan, I like a good story. A few of my Halloween movie picks are little heavy on the gore, but they are Halloween movies, what can I say. Further down the page are some additional picks.

Happy Halloween!

Best Halloween Movies
My Favs For Just Good Halloween Fair.

It is hard to decide on my favorite Halloween movies in order, it kind of changes each year, but here are my top picks. Continue reading