Your Life’s Journey – How to Easily Journal Your Life. Very Simple Ideas!

This is a brief post, but I feel it is an important post. I want to offer you few quick and easy way for you to keep track of your life’s adventures. A simple calendar, a journal, and a memories jar. Photos are pretty obvious, but those too.

We all have yearly calendars, free from businesses or pretty ones we buy, so make good use of them.

Your Life – Year by Year – In Calendars
As your life passes and time speeds by, many events, and people, and adventures will cross your path. As the years pass, memories begin to fade and you may lose track of dates and events. When did we get our first dog as a married couple? When did you buy me those first diamond earrings? What year did we take that first vacation to Colorado? In later years, the list will be long of forgotten memories. Continue reading