How to Upload eBooks to Your Kindle Cloud Library

How to Upload eBooks to Your Kindle Cloud Library From Your Computer is easy as pie; however finding the information for how to do it is about as easy as digging to China. Kindle has a simple app that uploads ebooks to your Cloud Library where all of your devices can access the ebooks, or you can decide to only upload ebooks to select devices, your choice. The answer is Amazon – Send to Kindle App.

Why it is so difficult to research for how to do such a simple thing? I sure as heck-fire don’t know. I searched all over my Kindle account and the Kindle Help for how to upload an ebook from my computer to my Kindle Cloud Library, without success. Then I tried Google. My Google searching for how to upload an eBook to Kindle showed up articles and forum questions covering several years, telling me to USB eBooks from my computer to my Kindle, how to side-load ebooks to Kindle devices, e-mail ebooks, some older information said that it was not even possible (back then), and on and on, my head was spinning.

Then finally, after at least an hour of persistent searching, I found a Kindle Help page with the answer (via a Google search, not from the Amazon/Kindle site help). Here it is, quick and easy.

Amazon – Send to Kindle App



The upload of an ebook was simple as cake. I just did a normal install of the “Send to Kindle” app. For a Mac, the install automatically put an icon on the “dock” on the far right, titled “Kindle” with a large arrow pointing up (I assume to indicate “upload”).

I had the ebook on my desktop in mobi format, and I just dragged the ebook down to the dock “Kindle” icon. That brought up a small window which asked me where I wanted to put the ebook, deliver to a select device or the Cloud Library, where I wanted the ebook, was already selected – stated as “Archive document in your Kindle Library” so I just clicked the “Send” button. Boom done – easy! Now it did take about 5 minutes for the ebook to appear in my cloud, but that’s fine. To verify that the transfer was a success, I went into my Kindle account (at top right of an Amazon page) under “Hello, (your name) – Your Account / (from the drop down menu) Manage Your Kindle. After about 5 minutes the uploaded ebook was there – Wahoo!


Calibre – For serious eBook users, Calibre is a app to help you manage your eBooks.

Here is an older article about Transferring Content via USB on Your Kindle Fire HD 7.

There were many of articles about side-loading, but why bother, “Send to Kindle” is sooo easy!

Best of time with your book reading.


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