Hard Money & No Income Verification Loans – Mortgage & Business Loans

This is an information page with a number of links below for finding Hard Money and No Income Verification Mortgage and Business Loans.

The are many reasons for people to seek Hard Money Loans, ranging from credit problems to needing money faster than a bank can approve a loan. Investors often seek Hard Money Loans. Hard Money Loans are often popular for short term real estate investing and many HML have a limit, like a maximum 10 year repayment limit, but some of these loans can also be for businesses or individuals who want a regular, long-term home mortgage loan.

Not sure if you can qualify? Remember, many Hard Money Lenders are smarter than rigid bank rules, they know there are many reasons why people need Hard Money; these lenders might not be interested in things like your credit, they might be more interested in loan to value ratio, they want to know that their investment is a safe investment and that they will earn a profit, and they desire a higher interest than they can get from their bank, or other investment sources.

It is not uncommon for Hard Money Loans to be at a higher than prime interest rate, but often the rates are not what one might consider usury rates. Many people must consider the rates pretty fair, considering the circumstances, or these types of loans would not exist.

This is not an in detail article about Hard Money Loans, there are plenty of those floating around, this is a list of possible Hard Money Loan sources, I say possible, because although I have scanned these websites for the high points, I have not read them in their entirety, and I certain have not tested them all out to see how they rate. While there are many state specific lending sources, I’ve tried to list lenders that tend to be more national.

A couple of notes.
1. Check the repayment time limits to see if they will work for you.
2. If you are wanting a regular home loan, check to see if they do long term loans.
3. Be wary of lenders wanting to avoid normal procedures, such as escrow.
4. When looking online, long sales ads might have information, but they are still sales ads.
5. Be bold and ask for a loan, if you don’t ask, you probably won’t get.
6. Finally, as noted above, these links to the various business websites have not been checkout or verified, you are responsible for your own research and seeking your own professional advice. The idea of this page is just to give you a push in the right research direction. For example doing a search for “Hard Money Loans”, might give you better results than “No Income Verification Loans”.

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