WordPress Tips

These are just things I’ve found of interest about learning WordPress. You might say my little tips and notes to myself. Perhaps they will also help you.

* Update 3.5: The first thing I noticed about Version 3.5 is where did my “HTML” Tab go, the tab changed names to “Text” Tab. Since HTML is not Text it makes no sense to me, but there it is. Here is a link to some new things about verison 3.5


* Updating WordPress versions sometimes requires “Disabling Plugins” that do not work with the new version of WordPress.

*Plugins can interfere with trying to make changes to a WordPress site, such as changes to the template. If something is not working, I try turning Plugins off and then make the changes, then turn the plugins back on. Sometimes I can isolate which Plugin is causing the problem and only have to turn that one off.

*If you accidentally hit the “Publish” button, you can easily unpublish a page. If the “Draft” button is visible,  simply click the “Draft” button and the article will convert back to a draft. If the “Draft” button is not visible, then look for the text “ Published Edit” in that same area, and click on “Edit”, and there is a draft option in the drop down menu.

I am not familiar with older versions of WordPress, but I’ve read that the alternate option from the Draft button, to convert a page back to a draft, is “Page Status” and select Draft from the options.

*Categories are automatically arranged in alphabetical order. If you would like your categories in a different order, one simple solution to re-oder categories is to add a letter or number before each category item, to force them to show up in a different order.

*It is polite to reciprocate a nice comment to the other person’s website (if you approve of their website).

WordPress Glossary


* Slug – A URL name extension, added to your domain name (or subdomain) that leads to the indicated page, a path.

* Pingback – As related to WordPress is a notification that someone has linked to one of your WordPress articles, if you have Pingback turned on. (Also see Trackbacks.) It is generally considered polite to reciprocate by linking back to the other persons blog page, if appropriate. See WordPress Glossary 1.88 Pingback



* Hashtag – Is really more of a Twitter thing, but I mention it here because it can be a bit confusing. # symbol denotes an important word (or #phraseruntogether) and helps people search for those words, since they are hashtagged as keyword(s).





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